• Liz S.

    “Working with Mindy has been life-changing. She helped me lower my A1C number from 6.0 to 5.5 through diet and exercise. I also finally lost weight – 56lbs in 13 months! I feel in control of my health and body for the first time in my life!”

  • Vicki K

    “In just a few sessions with Melinda, I learned what changes I needed to make in order to achieve my goal and feel better. Whatever your concern is… Melinda’s explanations and suggestions will help you to be successful.”

  • Julianna S

    Melinda has simply taught me what to eat. Before I had an appointment, I was always unsure of what to eat and how to fuel my body before swim practice and competitions. Now I am more informed on not only what is healthy for me to eat, but how to fuel my body for competition. Rarely now am I questioning what foods I should be having to perform at my best during competition. Ever since I started working with Melinda, I feel more powerful in my swimming races, and I also feel that I can help guide other people on my team in the right direction if they are struggling in the same matters I did. I am happy to say that I no longer feel sluggish or fatigued during my workouts and I can depend on myself in making healthy choices when meal time comes. Working with Melinda gave me this confidence, and I am grateful of all the knowledge she has bestowed upon me.

  • Ellen Brenner, VP/CFO Fleet Feet & YellowJacket Racing

    Mindy has been an outstanding nutrition resource for the Fleet Feet customers and training program participants.  Whether it’s the person who is looking to improve their health and getting started, Mindy is able to help them determine their dietary needs based on their current exercise platform and health status.  Or the experienced performance athlete who is seeking expertise and guidance into taking their sport to the next level. She provides exceptional in depth nutrition education during clinics and workouts, in addition to helping provide the one on one needs based on the person.  It’s rare to find a Registered Dietitian that offers their own practice to help folks look for dietary expertise for wherever they are in their lifestyle, Mindy offers this.

  • Andy Smith, Director of Sports Medicine, Canisius College

    Melinda and Balanced Nutrition have provided valuable education and resources to Canisius College Student-Athletes in efforts to optimize athletic performance through proper and appropriate nutrition strategies. Positive outcomes have been noticed on the field of play and will be later in life in those she has worked with.  Her approachable demeanor and understanding of the Student-Athlete experience make her a valuable resource for our Sports Medicine Team.