What is Sport Performance?

Athletes spend time and budget on finding the right trainer and equipment for optimal performance in their sport. Just as much (or more!) energy and time should be spent on working with a sport dietitian to strategize how to fuel your body through training, competition, and recovery. Food is your fuel! The right combination of nutrients and timing of intake can greatly improve energy levels, weight and body composition, mental focus, strength and power. Nutrition can assist an athlete in remaining healthy through all phases of training and competition.

Athletes will receive undivided attention and care in a sport performance session.

Just as we assess individuals for nutrition counseling, athletes will receive undivided attention and care in a sport performance session. Melinda will take time to learn about your sport and position played, training and competition schedule, personal goals, any medical diagnosis or previous dieting history, weight history, medications and/or supplements you are taking, daily routines, and activity levels.

You will have time to review what you eat on a daily basis and what you like or dislike. Time will also be spent on understanding how and when you prepare meals and snacks, when and where you are grocery shopping, if you dine out, and details about any travel for training or competition you do. There are so many details in life that impact what we eat, how much we eat, why we eat. The more information Melinda can learn about you, the better guidance she can provide to set you up for success.

Who Can Benefit?

Individual athletes, referees or officials, teams, or organizations can all benefit from nutrition guidance.

Learn to strategize your nutrition plan around work or school schedules, as well as family demands and budgets. Clients feel confident in knowing how to fuel their body all day, every day with meals and snacks for optimal performance and recovery after meeting with Melinda.

Parents, significant others, and coaches are also great candidates for a consult with Melinda. Often times, athletes are depending on family and coaching staff for grocery shopping, packing bags for travel, meal and snack preparation, and accountability. Melinda has worked with many families and coaching staffs to provide ideas and guidance to support their athletes.

What is the Process?

Initial Consult – 60-90 minutes

In the initial consult, we will discuss the details of your health, life, and goals. We establish a long term goal and begin developing short term goals and strategy for success. Patients leave understanding the big picture and how we will work together over time to achieve goals. Recipes, tips, and online resources are also provided to help get you started.

Follow Up – 15-45 Minutes

We take time to review how things went between appointments, as you worked towards smaller, achievable goals. We want to hear the good, bad, and ugly. We understand that life happens and never judge, so we take this time to not only review your progress, but potential barriers or setbacks too. Time is taken to strategize around those setbacks so you can recover and continue moving towards your goals. Of course, we also take time to celebrate those milestone achievements. Whether you think they are big or small, they are progress towards your goals and that is what matters. Athletes leave a follow up appointment, feeling confident they are heading in the right direction and have support through their training and competition.

Follow Up appointments can be done in person or over the phone. Sometimes they are quick reviews of a food log or discussion about how an athlete is feeling during their workouts as they have made changes to the timing of their food. As we establish goals, we can determine how to follow up and establish a schedule to follow. A package can be created specifically for your needs and budget. Melinda enjoys coordinating goals with coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, and family to optimize the success of each athlete.

Team or Organizational Consults

Invite Melinda to speak at your next team meeting or parent gathering. Time will be spent reviewing benefits of nutrition for sport, as well as sport specific fueling strategies. Notes, recipes, shopping lists, and other resources are provided so each person leaves feeling like they have a game plan for nutrition.

Previous topics presented include:

  • Pre-workout or game nutrition
  • Fueling during activity
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Hydration needs
  • Nutrition during travel

Melinda is also available to meet with coaches that are responsible for planning team travel. She takes time to review your travel destination and menu options available in order to provide guidance for pre and post game meals, foods to pack in the team van or suitcases, hotel room snacks, and other crucial nutrition details to set the team up for a win on the road.