Workplace Wellness

Show your employees you value nutrition and health as much as they do by utilizing the services and expertise of a dietitian. We consult with businesses on workplace wellness program development and create services to fit your organization’s needs rather than the latest nutrition fad, to include:

  • Lunch & Learn Presentations
  • Individual Nutrition Counseling for employees
  • Meal Plans for Employees
  • Newsletters Contributions
  • Nutrition Resources for employees
  • Cafeteria menu review and revamp

Restaurant and Travel Consulting

Clients will gain an understanding of nutrition needs of the health conscious customer. Through years of counseling individuals on nutrition, we have identified many reasons that someone may need to remain focused on healthy eating while dining out or traveling, as well as the struggles they face. Learn considerations to make while developing menu options and descriptions, while still keeping focus on visual and flavor appeal. Learn ideas to immediately implement at your restaurant or food service outlet to enhance the customer experience and promote repeat business. We are also available to meet with your staff and educate them on customer health needs, why modifications may be requested and how to respond them. Melinda started her career in restaurant management at Walt Disney World and then worked in sales with Hyatt Hotels. She fully understands service essentials, as well as how to optimize the dining experience while improving the bottom line.

Are you a meeting planner or conference services manager?

Let us help you plan conference meals and break out sessions with the attendees’ health in mind. We take time to understand the conference schedule, layout of the venue, and any dietary needs of the attendees. We then help you develop the right combination of foods for meals, break-outs, and receptions in order to provide enjoyment, sustained energy, and health benefits. Too many people report that they attend conferences and there are limited selections for healthy foods. This has a detrimental impact on their efforts towards improved health or weight management. Utilize the expertise of a dietitian to help guide you towards an event where people are raving over the food and experience. This could be the area that helps you get that repeat piece of business year after year.

Do you need a speaker for a keynote or break-out session at a conference? We can customize a presentation based on your request and organization needs or can select a topic for you. We provide interesting topics that engage the audience to want to improve their health, energy, and lifestyle.

Who Can Benefit?

Human Resource professionals, restaurant owners, managers, or chefs, meeting planners, and hotel or conference center service managers

Partnering with a dietitian from Balanced Nutrition of WNY will allow you to focus on your business and leave nutrition concerns to the experts in order to increase profits, establish repeat business, and improve your reputation for taking care of your customer. We save you time and create a value added service to your employees or customers.